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If you would rather purchase a gift certificate by phone please call us at 1-604-902-6900

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Gift Certificate Restrictions and Disclaimers:

You will receive a 10% bonus on top any Gift Certificate you purchase. That bonus will be manually added on to your purchase. An email with the adjusted amount will be sent to the purchaser.

Your Gift Certificate will be emailed or mailed within 24 hours of booking. Please contact 1-604-902-6900 with any questions.

• All Whistler Village Condos gift certificates never expire and can be purchased using all major credit cards.

• You cannot redeem a gift certificate online – they must be redeemed by phoning Whistler Village Condos directly at 1-604-902-6900.

• Gift certificates cannot be re-sold or transferred to another person after the initial purchase has been completed. We will not honor any gift certificate redemptions on re-sold gift certificates. The initial purchaser must provide the recipient’s name at the time of booking in order for the Gift Certificate to remain valid.

• Gift certificates can be used towards any accommodations on our website.

• Gift Certificates cannot be used to purchase additional Gift Certificates.

• No portion of the Gift Certificate is redeemable for cash.

• Whistler Village Condos will not be responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

• Purchases exceeding the value of this Gift Certificate require the use of a credit card to complete the booking and will be used to pay the remaining balance.

• The Gift Certificate amount and all purchases are in Canadian dollars.

• Applicable taxes and fees will be charged when paying for a purchase with all Gift Certificates.

• Incidental charges from accommodation suppliers are not covered by this Gift Certificate and must be paid for with your own credit card.



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