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Reservation Policies

CONFIRMATION OF RESERVATION: We'll confirm your requested booking with the owners if necessary and email confirmation and a link to your customized Rental Agreement, an online document via our online signature service, Adobe EchoSign. You can sign with a few clicks of your mouse; when the owners have signed you will receive a completed copy by email.

PAYMENT: 50% of the rent is due within 7 days of booking (or immediately for last-minute bookings) payable to Acadia Cottage Rentals (ACR)--we accept personal or company checks, money orders (mail to ACR, PO Box 949, Bar Harbor ME 04609), bank transfers (with $10 fee) and by credit card through Vacation Rent Payment or PayPal with their fees added (3% US, 5% Non-US). If the initial payment is not received by the due date the booking may be cancelled.
Payment reminders are not sent unless requested, as the amounts and dates due are on all email posts and the rental agreement itself.
We'll confirm completion of the Agreement and any payments received by email.
Final Payment of the remaining balance is due thirty days prior to arrival; the due date and amount is noted on your Rental Agreement and on our confirmation posts. If payment is not received by that date your booking may be cancelled without refund and the cottage may be booked to another party.

DIRECTIONS & ENTRY INFO: When full payment has been received, we'll email a cottage info sheet and a Google Map link with directions, entry instructions and other information.

CANCELLATIONS: After booking is confirmed, the property is listed as unavailable and subsequent requests to book it are refused. For that reason, cancellations will be accepted if cancelled more than 60 days before check-in date a refund of 50% of prepayments will be provided; if cancelled less than 60 days before check-in date, no refund is provided. a cancellation fee of $50 applies to any cancellations.

ARRIVAL: Check-In time is noted on your rental agreement--usually 4 PM; please don't ask to arrive or store belongings early, as it disrupts the cleaners work.

DURING YOUR VISIT: No smoking is permitted in any cottage. Pets, where pre-approved in a pets'-permitted property, must be under control at all times (including control of excessive barking) and grounds must be cleaned of pet debris promptly. Further restrictions may be posted in the cottage. Please do not bring pets that are unfriendly to people or other pets or which have a history of excessive barking, disruption or damage (carpets, screens, doors, furniture, bedding, etc.). You will be charged for damages or extra cleaning (of indoor or outdoor areas) required due to pets.
If problems arise during your visit, call the designated contact posted in the cottage, call, email or text us during (preferably during office hours, 9 AM -6 PM) at 207-460-1000 info@acadiarental.com (Tom) or 207-479-1189 book@acadiarental.com (Alan). Most cottages will have lots of information available on Mt. Desert Island, the island villages and Acadia National Park; if you have specific questions and can't find the information you need, check out the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce website www.barharborinfo.com or give us a call and we'll try to provide it (or point you in the right direction). The ANP Visitor center phone is 207-288-3338
Quiet Hours are 10 PM to 8 AM, and please maintain peace and quiet suitable to the location of the premises at all times.
Please report unsafe or deficient conditions promptly; comments about the property or our services are welcomed and can be delivered in writing on the welcome letter we provide, emailed or by phone.

DEPARTURE: Check-Out time no later than 10 AM; your reponsibilites at departure are noted in detail on your Rental Agreement, and include the following (instructions posted in the cottage may vary):
Used dishes, cookware and equipment should be washed and stored and surfaces wiped.
Trash and recyclable bottles & cans may be bagged separately and placed in designated containers.
Used bed linens should be stripped and piled unfolded in the bedrooms and used towels/bathmats piled in the bathrooms; where washer/dryer are provided, it is requested that a load of towels be started (specific cottage instructions may vary).
Check for personal belongings before departing.
Return keys to their original location and leave entry doors as they were on arrival.

SECURITY DEPOSIT REFUNDS: After your departure, the cottage will be inspected by cleaners, owners or agents and any damages or other notable conditions discovered will be reported to the owners, who will consult with ACR to determine appropriate charges, which will be itemized and deducted prior to refund of any balance. When the Security Deposit is released by the owners, it is refunded by emailed link via the Deluxe eCheck system 10 days after the departure date.

REPEAT GUESTS: If you wish to visit one of our cottages again next season, please let us know as early as possible so we can process the booking and secure your preferred week(s)--Cottage calendars may fill the peak season far in advance--if you don't let us know you want to return we can't promise availability even if you are a repeat guest.
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