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Cancellation, Deposit & Booking Policies

You can not book on-line for same day check in (arriving today). If “Availability” is showing open rooms, please call/text me at 301/996-8910.

Regular Bookings- is any stay where minimum night stay is 1 night
Deposit is the first night's fee

Event Bookings - is any stay where minimum night stay is 2 or more nights
Deposit is half of total fee

Cancel by 9PM ten full days prior - receive your deposit less $25
Cancel by 9PM three full days prior - receive half of your deposit
Cancel with less than 3 full days - full deposit forfeited

Causey Mansion is designed and decorated with adults in mind; we allow well behaved and well supervised children 13 and older. No smoking is allowed anywhere inside.

Check-in is 4PM to 10PM.
Check out is by 11AM.

Event Bookings: Block your Outdoor Event date now with a $75 deposit: fully applied to your venue fee if we host your event or applied to a B&B credit if you do not. Contact us at 301/996-8910 for pricing and questions.

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