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My Autistic grandson Dylan, Supprts himself thru sales on Bloopen.com, which sells clothing and coffee. If you buy anything on that site, and put order Number and amoun,t in Comments section of your reservation, I will discount your stay by that amount. Thanks for helping Dylan


Split oak wood, for our fire pit. Enough for a great outdoor fire pit experience. S'mores or hot dog roast, is always an option in our year round covered fire pit. The pit is surrounded, by enough chairs for about 20. NOTE WE NO LONGER SUPPLY FREE FIRE WOOD

Price: $25.00

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By making a reservation, you agree that in utilizing Hillside Acres Retreat facilities, grounds and amenities- which include but are not limited to swimming pool, fishing pond, fire pit, BBQ area, horseshoe pit, volleyball court, badminton area, washer pit, various other games, trails and any, and all guest facilities and grounds,you will be expressly assuming the risk and legal liabilities for the use of the facilities and waiving and releasing all claims for injuries or loss which you, your family or guests might sustain, while using those amenities. You also agree that you have read and understand our cancellation policy and retainer fee, and are bound by the terms currently in affect at your stay, or time of reservation.

75+ Days, service fees and penalties as below
31-74 = 50%
less than 30 = 0%
* all cancels include $100 service fee per cabin, and penalty shown, OR full retainer fee on file. (EXAMPLE: if you book THE WHOLE PLACE you will be charged a retainer fee, which is 25% of the total cost ,AND you cancel anytime after initial rental, you lose that retainer fee no matter what time notice is given. We pull out the cabins to keep them for you, so we are giving up any rental for the time slot you recommend


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