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By submitting this reservation request you are only "requesting availability". A reservation request is the initial step of our reservation process. A confirmed reservation is procured with a Rental Agreement, once we have confirmed the availability for the rental requested. Our availability is not "real-time", although we do make every effort to keep our availability up to date. We will check our availability based on your request and contact you as soon as possible. Room rates are quoted in US Dollars and do not include applicable taxes, cleaning fees and in some cases, Security Deposits.

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RENTAL CAR QUOTE - From *$132.00 per week!
Please let us know if you would like a no obligation Avis Renal Car price quote for your travel dates. We require your flight arrival and departure times, driver (20 or older) legal name and the island, or islands you are visiting. *Rates as low as $132.00 per week, plus taxes and fees. Underage driver (20 - 24) surcharge applies.

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