Timbercliffe Cottage Bed and Breakfast

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Please call if arriving after 6pm.

Cancellation: Please note that because we are a small bed and breakfast cancellations impact us significantly. We ask for a 21- day notice prior to your planned day of arrival for all cancellations. This lead time will allow us to secure the room for travelers who must coordinate travel plans to take your place. We will make every effort to obtain another reservation but in the event that we are not able you will be charged for your entire reservation. If we are able to rebook you room nights we will refund any difference minus a $25 processing fee. Cancellations outside the 21 days will be charged a $25 processing fee.

Deposit: Reservations are guaranteed upon receipt of payment of one day's stay or half of the total due, whichever is greater.

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Please call if arriving after 6pm, 866 396-4753

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