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Reservation Policies

Thank you for considering our NYC accommodations for your upcoming stay. Interested in staying? Here's how:
1.Review our listing thoroughly.
2.Contact us BEFORE submitting a request to book in order to confirm your travel dates align with our calendar and to receive a rate quote. Our policy prioritizes reservations with minimal gaps between them to minimize vacant nights. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate non-consecutive dates.
3.Complete the below questionnaire (1-6). It's an essential step before we can proceed.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

1. Where are you traveling from?
2. Tell us a bit about your visit to New York.
3. Work Arrangements: • Will you be working during your stay?• If yes, what's your profession or type of work? • Will you be working remotely or commuting to an office?
4. a. Please confirm the number of guests who would be staying in the apartment. Our apartments operate differently from traditional year-round apartment rentals. We have strict occupancy policies in place to ensure only registered occupants reside in the apartment during the stay. Guests must accurately report the number of occupants and any planned visitors in advance.
b. Planning to host overnight guests? Please inform us in advance. There's a simple registration process and a per-night fee for additional occupants. For committed couples expecting occasional stays, we recommend booking for double occupancy.
c. We offer competitive rates for single occupancy. Planning to Host a family member or friend during your stay? Choose from two options: Daily supplemental fee: $85 per night, plus $100 for the first night, or Flat fee: $1200-$1350 for a 30-day stay, applicable only if the same 2nd occupant stays throughout the entire duration, not rotating guests.
5. House Policies: No-Pets and No-Smoking Policy. Kindly confirm that you'll be respecting these guidelines during your stay
6. Please acknowledge you have thoroughly reviewed our listing description and policies.

Thank you for taking the time to share your details with us. We look forward to assisting you.

We are a small family-run business located in the heart of one of the world's largest cities. This unique setting has inspired us to develop distinct policies that create a small-town, intimate atmosphere within the vibrant bustle of NYC.

To ensure clear communication about our policies, we kindly request that guests acquaint themselves with the information provided herein. We understand that some of our policies may appear stringent, but we have found them necessary to ensure a mutually satisfying experience for all our guests. Our goal is to align your needs and expectations with what we offer and minimize any potential misunderstandings because once a booking is made, it is considered final.

By submitting a booking request on this site, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and provisions outlined here. These terms may be modified at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice. Submitting a booking request through this site indicates your acceptance of the terms provided. If you do not agree to abide by these terms, we kindly ask that you refrain from submitting a booking request.


Accommodation means the apartment, guest room and or suite described via the Provider/Host's website. Guest means the person or persons who will occupy the Provider/Host’s apartment/suite/guest room. Host/Provider/Supplier, is the registered legal Owner of the building located at 130 East 62nd Street, NY, NY 10065.

Accommodation Charge(s) means the totality of charges, fees and local taxes to be paid by a Guest in relation to the accommodations. Fees include local taxes, utility services such as electric, gas, heat, water, wi-fi/internet, a/c, as well as supplies such as bedding and towels as well as cleaning & linen service.

• Guests are responsible for reading the complete listing & policies detailed herein before submitting a reservation request.
• Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Host permits the Guest to occupy the accommodation for the period stated in the booking agreement for the purpose of holiday or short-term temporary occupation.
• The Host and the Guest agree that the Guest occupies the accommodation as a licensee and that no relationship of landlord and tenant is created by this agreement or otherwise.
• The Guest and the Host agree that a legally binding contract between the Guest and the Host is formed and entered into when the booking agreement is dispatched via this booking portal.
• Upon placing a reservation, Guest needs to submit a copy of his or her government-issued ID and fill out an informational application provided by Host. A copy of the application is available in advance by request.

We have a 30-90-night minimum stay requirement. We generally do not accept single month stays out in advance unless the dates are adjacent to another booking. The 30-night minimum is governed by NYC regulations applicable to residential properties so we cannot make exceptions.

• Once you have received a full rate quote for your proposed stay, including the agreed-upon damage deposit, please submit an online reservation through the Provider/Host's booking portal.
• Request bank payment instructions from the Host to proceed with the payment.Please note that even though we request your credit card details, payment will not be processed through the credit card provided in your online reservation. Therefore, we kindly request that guests hold off booking their stay until they are prepared to immediately proceed with payment arrangements through their bank. Ensure your readiness to initiate payment by wire transfer or ACH before placing your reservation. Once you are prepared, proceed with the online booking process as outlined below.
• Immediately after submitting the online reservation, initiate payment arrangements via wire transfer or ACH. The payment should cover fees, taxes, and the damage deposit. Proof of payment should be received by the Host promptly immediately after placing your reservation. Schedule the payment promptly to meet this deadline. Please note that courtesy holds are not available.
• Failure to make payment within the specified timeframe will result in the release of the reservation. Complete the payment process promptly to secure your reservation.
• Once payment arrangements have been made, send a copy of the bank confirmation notification to the Host.

• Wire Transfers: Wires should be received the same day when possible or the next day if it is a bank holiday. Schedule the payment online as soon as the reservation has been made and send proof of payment. Please pay your bank's wiring fees directly to the bank so that the Host receives payment in full. After arranging the wire transfer with your bank or financial institution, provide a copy of the confirmation to the Host. Bank instructions will be provided.
• ACH Electronic Credit

• Host adheres to a strict cancellation policy.
• Once a reservation has been submitted, Guest has entered into a binding agreement to book the specified accommodation.
• Accommodation charges (the total nightly rate, fees and taxes charged) are not refundable.
• Guests will not receive a refund if they cancel the booking at any time after it is accepted.
• Cancellations are charged 100% of the booking arrangement.
• The same cancellation policy will apply in the case of the booking arrangement being shortened or deferred.

• First, please make sure you have read and understood the cancellation policy that applies to your booking.
If you’d like to cancel a reservation please send us an email with your complete name, email address and contact number and we'll endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours.
• Until you have received confirmation from us, your booking has not been cancelled.
• If requested by Guest, the Host can attempt to re-book cancelled dates to another entity in order to provide a partial refund.
• In the case of a successful re-booking, the minimum cancellation fee is 25% of the value of the cancelled nights.
• In order for the Host to attempt to re-book cancelled nights, the Guest must cancel their booking in writing and follow the instructions above.
• Not all requests to re-book can be accommodated. For example, we cannot rebook periods that leave a gap in our schedule of less than 30 days. Additionally, because we have a 30-night minimum, the first 30 nights of a stay are not refundable. Please speak to the Host if this situation arises.
• We recommend the purchase of travel insurance in the event unforeseen events beyond Guest's control arise after booking; however, insurance does not cover all circumstances.
• Unforeseen events include changes to government travel requirements (unexpected changes to visa or passport requirements imposed by a governmental agency that prevent travel to the destination); Declared emergencies and epidemics (government declared local or national emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, and public health emergencies); Government travel restrictions (travel restrictions imposed by a governmental agency that prevent or prohibit traveling to, staying at, or returning from the booked location); Military actions and other hostilities (acts of war, hostilities, invasions, civil war, terrorism, explosions, bombings, rebellions, riots, insurrection, civil disorder, and civil unrest); Natural disasters (acts of God, large-scale outages of essential utilities, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe and abnormal weather events).

• In addition to the accommodation charge, the Guest shall pay a damage deposit.
• Damage deposits are generally equal to the sum of one month of the accommodation charge (including supplemental fees & tax) unless advised otherwise.
• The deposit shall be paid at the time of booking.
• The damage deposit may not be used by the Guest toward payment of charges for the room or fees/taxes.
• If the Accommodation (or any part of it) or any of the Host’s personal property is damaged during the stay, beyond reasonable wear and tear, the Guest must:
1. immediately notify the Host; and
2. will be liable in full for the cost of that damage.
The Guest confirms that if there is damage to the Accommodation or any of the Host’s personal property over and above fair wear and tear and/or if the Accommodation is heavily soiled so as to require, in the Host’s reasonable opinion, an industrial clean, then the Host may make appropriate deductions from the damage deposit.
• Within 14 days following termination of the occupancy term, Provider/Host agrees to return the damage deposit to Guest, adjusted for any damages and outstanding bills.
• The damage deposit shall be returned only after inspection by Provider/Host and Provider/Host determines that no damages, loss or injury (other than from reasonable wear and tear) has been done to the premises or property therein and that all charges, fees have been paid and contract provisions adhered to.
• Any deductions from the damage deposit shall be documented.

Within 14 days following the ending term of the agreement, the Damage Deposit Money shall be returned with the following provisions:
• GUEST returns the accommodation in the same condition as received, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and free of accumulations of newspapers, rags, waste, refuse, recycling material or other forms of debris.
• Any damage to the property is reported prior to moving out.
• Deductions will be made for any supplemental cleaning that must be done in the apartment as well as for the removal of any accumulations of newspapers, rags, waste, refuse, recycling material or other forms of debris.
• Deductions will be made for any upholstery or rug cleaning that must be performed.
• All accommodation charges, fees and tax dues are fully paid.
• All keys are returned.
• All policy provisions have been complied with.
• All windows and doors must be closed and locked.
• Failure to maintain premises in a state of general healthful cleanliness shall be deemed a substantial violation of the agreement.
• Guest agrees to be liable to Owner for the cost of any necessary supplemental cleaning incurred and for the repair or replacement of soiled, missing or damaged items.
• Owner agrees to return the damage deposit to Guest, adjusted for any incurred maintenance or service or for any damages, outstanding bills or for rental provisions not adhered to.
• Owner will provide appropriate backup and substantiation for any hold-backs of a damage deposit if any for example damage repair bills.
• Typical deductions to the deposit include stains or damage to bedding, towels, upholstery and rugs and the cost to make restoration or the replacement cost.
• Damage deposits are refunded less any subtractions once the premises has been fully cleaned.
• A check or wire transfer will be issued for the return of the deposits regardless of how the payment was initially made.
• If there are any damages, it may take longer than 14 days to return a deposit.

• We operate under an extended stay hotel model in that our rates are based on occupancy. We technically are an extended stay residential hotel facility and this format is part of our business model, which helps keep regular rates as low as possible. Monthly rates are discounted for single occupancy.
• The occupancy agreement for the Guest’s stay is based on a specific number of occupants.
• If after taking occupancy Guest expects an additional regular or temporary overnight visitor, please speak to the Provider/Host about making an adjustment to the agreement. Guests should keep in mind that the Provider/Host utilizes a hybrid version of the hotel model as far as Guest’s and charges based on occupancy. This as opposed to an open-ended apartment model, although even conventional rental apartment pricing is somewhat based on occupancy where maintenance and utility charges can get adjusted. As one might already be aware, it is more costly to us when additional persons stay at the house in terms of additional housekeeping, additional supplies such as bedding and towels, additional laundry service, utilities such as electricity and water, additional repairs and further wear and tear. Additionally, we endeavor to keep the occupancy for the house at a manageable level for a small residential house that will not put a strain on the plumbing infrastructure and noise levels in the building. We hope Guests understand this and this is pointed out in our literature, website and rental contract.
• The number of occupants as specified in the occupancy agreement must be adhered to.
• Only Guest’s in the original reservation whose IDs have been verified in advance may stay in the apartment.
• Unauthorized daytime or overnight visitors, any sublet, sublease or substitution of guest’s is strictly forbidden.
• Additional occupants are subject to a supplemental fee.
• Guests warrant that only individuals listed in the rental agreement can occupy the premises and that any individuals added after the effective date shall be subject to Host approval and to additional costs. Subject to designated occupancy limits for the suite we charge a monthly management, additional wear & tear and combined supplemental utilities & housekeeping charge for additional occupants. If you plan to have a temporary visitor, please discuss with host and request a cost estimate.
• Provided the occupancy maximum for the suite is not violated, we allow for a limited number of overnight guests over a limited period of time. In that we are not a hotel but more of a residential corporate housing extended stay character which has many commonalities with long term leases we wish to advise that if you are considering more than 1 or 2 guests over an approx. 4-8 week period that our facility is not designed for that and we would request you give other places consideration. All overnight guests must be pre-approved and restricted to the numbers mentioned. Our typical clientele consists of adult travelers who appreciate a quieter environment. As such, we are not the best fit for guests who enjoy entertaining or having friends over. We value all of our guests and strive to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, so we want to make sure that we are upfront about our policies and atmosphere to avoid any potential misunderstandings.
• The primary guest of the premises may host an overnight visitor provided the maximum occupancy limit is not violated.
• The primary guest of the suite MUST be physically present when hosting an overnight visitor.
• The primary guest of the suite must provide advance notice if they wish to Host an overnight visitor.
• The Primary guest of the suite must fill out an application and provide a copy of the I.D. for their guest.
• In that the suites are discounted for single occupancy, the primary occupant should be aware there is a daily or monthly fee to add a supplemental occupant (weather it be a temporary guest or a regular 2nd occupant). Please request pricing if interested.
• There are occupancy maximums in place for suites/guest rooms/apartments as listed below. Children and babies count toward the occupancy maximums.
• Beds/air beds may not be added to any of the suites. Sofas may not be used as beds.
• Maximum Occupancies:
• Half-Floor Suites: 1 or 2
• Full-Floor Suites: 2
• Since the building has an unenclosed staircase, it is recommended that children be older than 10 years of age to reside in the apartment.
• Any apartment with children 10 years old or younger and residing must have window guards installed. If a guest will have a child 10 years old or younger, it is a requirement that window guards be installed.
• Guests are responsible for the full cost of the equipment and installation.
• The estimated cost for window guards is approx. $50 per guard for the hardware and $100 per window for installation.
• Guests with children 10 years old or younger cannot check in until window guards have been installed.
• There is a minimum 1-month lead time for the arrangement of window guards to be coordinated and installed.

• Bedding/Linens are provided with the premises including 1 mattress pad, 1 sheet set including a top and bottom sheet, pillow case protectors, pillow cases, 1 cotton blanket (seasonal), 1 down blanket with duvet cover (seasonal), 2 down pillows per person and an assortment of bath towels.
• Guests shall use the Provider/Host's supplied bedding for the duration of their stay.
• If the Guest is allergic to down, Guests may provide alternate bedding at Guest's expense however Provider/Host’s bedding must remain stored in the rental suite.
• Guests may prefer to use their own bedding however in that case, the Provider/Host cannot be responsible for damage to Guest’s personal property and therefore cannot provide linen service.
• Also, guests would need to provide the full supply of bedding including mattress pad, pillows, blankets, pillows, towels, etc. (not just sheets).

• Guests are requested to use the utmost care with regard to the bedding provided and it is requested that guests take great care to not take food onto the beds or use pens or markers on the bed which may permanently damage the bedding.
• Guests agree to be responsible for any damages, stains and soiling to bedding.
• Additionally, Guests agree to be responsible for any damages, stains/soiling to rugs/upholstery and other furniture.
• Bedding and rugs should be returned in the original condition with no stains or rips.

• Frequency of Cleaning must be agreed upon prior to booking (please request this information prior to booking).
• Guest is responsible for coordinating cleanings with the the Provider or Host's designated representative or surrogate.
• If a Guest leaves the premises excessively dirty or leaves an excessive amount of trash and recycling in the apartment, Host reserves the right to charge a fee for supplemental housekeeping. Additionally, if there is staining on the bedding, upholstery or rugs the Host may deduct cleaning fees from the damage deposit or for the value of the item damaged if removal of stains is not possible.
• Guest shall permit Provider/Host's designated housekeeper to enter the premises to maintain and clean the apartment/suite at reasonable daytime hours by prior appointment with a minimum of 24-hour notice to Guest or fewer hours if Guest agrees. If for whatever reason Guest cannot accommodate the proposed housekeeping schedule, Host will attempt to reschedule as soon as possible.
• An alternate date may not be immediately available. Guest agrees to waive the housekeeping service if an alternate date is not available.
• We strive to keep the housekeeping fee as low as possible and can only do this with the help of Guest’s cooperation.
• The housekeeping fee shall cover only reasonable cleaning of the apartment/suite that has been regularly maintained throughout the term of the occupancy agreement and will not apply to extraordinary cleaning such as caked on stove and oven stains/grease (if applicable) or rug/upholstery cleaning or removal of trash accumulations.

• Provided with cleaning service.
• Linen service is limited to bed sheets + 2 pillowcases per person + 2 towels per person.
• Duvet covers/pillow inserts & down duvets/decorative pillows, mattress pads, cotton blankets are laundered seasonally or upon occupancy turn over at the discretion of the Host.
• Curtains & rugs may be cleaned periodically or upon occupancy turnover as determined by Provider/Host.

• Guests are responsible for washing their dishes or to load their dishwasher if one is provided and run the dishwasher through a wash cycle when the dishwasher is full.
• Dishwashing is not included with weekly cleaning service.

• Guest agrees to comply with all governmental refuse recycling laws applicable to the premises as instructed and as required by NYC.
• Guests must remove trash and recycling material from the premises on an ongoing and regular basis. Garbage removal from the apartment is part of ongoing maintenance guests are responsible for.

• In between professional cleanings arranged by Host, Guests are responsible for regular ongoing maintenance of the apartment.
• Guest(s) shall keep the area in and around the Premises in clean, habitable condition, and in good repair, normal wear and tear excepted.
• Guest is responsible for cleaning all areas of the Premises including kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.
• To prevent the infestation of rodents and/or insects, Guest(s) must regularly remove any collected trash and food waste from the Premise.
• Bathrooms must be cleaned regularly, and as frequently as needed, to prevent the formation of mold and mildew.
• If Guest(s) does not clean adequately and regularly, Guest(s) will be responsible for reasonable supplemental cleaning charges – including charges for cleaning carpets, draperies, furniture, walls, etc. that are soiled beyond normal wear (that is, wear or soiling that occurs without negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse).
• Host reserves the right to require supplemental cleaning service if Guest(s) are not keeping the Premises in clean/sanitary order at Hosts own judgment.
• This expense will be the responsibility of the Guest(s).

Below is a list of supplemental fees separate from the monthly accommodation charge. Guests should confirm the applicable charges and level of service by asking the Host to provide a detailed breakdown of charges before booking.

SUMMARY SUPPLEMENTAL MONTHLY FEE TYPES (please verify with Host what fees are included with your rate quote request specific fee information from Host prior to booking):
• Utilities (daily fee). The monthly utility fee includes wifi, gas, electric, heat, water (hot/cold).
• Interim/Intermittent cleaning (monthly or as agreed upon in advance) & linen service. Please confirm frequency of service included with your reservation prior to booking. Cleaning fees assume that guests have maintained the apartment in good condition throughout the stay.
• Exit Cleaning
• a/c (June, July, August, September & October)
• Bedding: The following bedding is included: mattress pad, sheet set including a top and bottom sheet, pillow case protectors, pillow cases, cotton blanket (seasonal), down blanket with duvet cover (seasonal), 2 down pillows per person and multiple towels. A bed skirt is provided on some beds.
• Occupancy Tax: Much like hotel, motel, and B&B stays, short-term rentals (less than 180 days) in New York State are subject to tax. Tax authorities expect short-term vacation rental hosts to collect short-term rental taxes from their guests and remit them to the proper authorities. We collect NYS Tax for all stays.
• NY city hotel occupancy tax 5.875%
• NY city hotel tax $2.00 / room / night
• A rental home may have more than one room. The tax will be $2.00 per room per day on each of the rooms that make up the home plus the hotel room occupancy tax for the entire home rental. (For example: The tax on a home with 4 rooms is $8.00 per day plus the hotel room occupancy tax for the entire suite rental). New York City defines a room as “Any room of any kind, other than a bathroom or lavatory, in any part or portion of a hotel/home which is available for, or let out for, use or possession for any purpose other than a place of assembly.” A kitchen or kitchenette is considered to be 1 room. Thus a studio with a kitchen or kitchenette is considered to be 2 rooms for tax calculation purposes.

• No tax is due from guests who are considered to be permanent residents.
• To be considered a permanent resident of New York State, a guest must stay for at least 180 consecutive days without interruption (see also below information).
• To be exempt from all taxes, the occupant must have a signed agreement with the term exceeding 179 consecutive days. If the occupant does not complete 180 days of continuous occupancy, any taxes not previously collected become immediately due and payable (see below).Technically, a person who enters into an agreement for occupancy for 180 consecutive days or more does not become a “permanent resident” under the law until he/she has been an occupant for 180 consecutive days, and the operator is liable for the collection of the tax until that occupancy for 180 consecutive days has been completed.
• However, an occupant can obtain permanent resident status prior to completing 180 days of consecutive occupancy by requesting a lease from the hotel operator.
• Where the occupant has requested such a lease, the hotel operator should not collect the tax for any day, starting on the date the lease was requested, that falls within a period of continuous occupancy by the occupant.
• However, if the occupant does not complete 180 days of continuous occupancy, any taxes not previously collected become immediately due and payable and are to be collected by the hotel operator.

• Guests are asked to keep in mind that the making of the beds is one of the housekeeper’s most time consuming tasks.
• If the apartment has been booked for single occupancy and the suite is furnished with multiple beds, regular housekeeping shall be limited to one bed.
• Beds not in use will be made with a cover sheet.
• Guests need to coordinate which beds will be utilized during their stay with the Provider/Host's housekeeping staff.

Pets of any variety are not permitted on premises.

Smoke-Free Building
• Smoking & E-Smoking are prohibited in every indoor and outdoor area of the building. • The prohibition applies to all indoor common areas of the residential units, including but not limited to hallways, lobbies, stairwells and any other common areas and the apartments and Garden Room Terrace or within twenty-five (25) feet of the perimeter of the building.
• Smoking means inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, little cigar, pipe, water pipe or hookah, herbal cigarette, non-tobacco smoking product (e.g. marijuana or non tobacco shisha), or any similar form of lighted object or device designed for people.
• E-smoking means electronic cigarettes or e-smoking (i.e., a battery-operated device that heats a liquid, gel, herb or other substance and produces vapor for people to inhale).
• Guest shall be responsible and accountable for any breach or violation of this Smoking and E-Smoking prohibition caused by an occupant of the Apartment or Suite including a guest, visitor or other invitee by Guest.
• In the event of a breach or violation of this Smoking and E-Smoking prohibition by Guest or an Invitee of the Apartment or Suite, the Host shall have the right, in its sole judgement, to impose and to take the following actions:
(i) impose a fine equal to the maximum lawful daily rate, not not to exceed $75.00 a day for each day such breach or violation continues; and
(ii) impose a charge of $250 for each written notice of said breach or violation of this Smoking and E-Smoking prohibition that is given by counsel engaged by Host in order to reimburse Host for the legal expenses incurred, which shall constitute liquidated or agreed upon damages incurred by Host in connection with such notice.
(iii)reimburse the Host for any fees and expenses (including legal, professional and otherwise) incurred to remedy the infiltration of the Smoking and E-Smoking into the public areas of the Residential Unit or another apartment, or to otherwise enforce the provision of this Smoking and E-Smoking prohibition, and/or to terminate the Guest's contract.

• All suites accessed via our central staircase.
• We do not have an elevator.
• Guests are responsible for transporting their luggage to their room/suite

• 1871 House operates under a self-catering model.
• Provider/Host provides a starter set of shampoo, soap, toilet paper and dishwashing/dishwasher soap.
• Guest’s are responsible for replenishing supplies as needed.

• The premises is hereby restricted to residential use only.
• Guests shall not engage in any commercial, hotel, business, illegal, nuisance, dangerous or other activity. Should the premises be used for other purposes, the Guest agrees to vacate the premises immediately upon first request and will not be refunded any monies.

• Check in time is by appointment starting at 4 p.m.
• Guest’s may also drop their luggage off at a mutually agreed upon time if available.
• Luggage may be stored in our common entry foyer for early arrivals.
• A locked storage area is not provided.

• On the vacate date, Guest’s must vacate their suite no later than 11 a.m.
• Luggage may temporarily be stored in the building's common entry foyer should the Guest wish to depart at a later time. • Guests may not store luggage overnight or for dates beyond the departure date.

• Early check-in or late check out extension may be available.
• Please request in advance when possible so that Host may coordinate including the exit cleaning.
• To accommodate an early check in or late check out request, the cost is comparable to booking an additional night. This allows the guest to stay until 10 p.m. on the check-out day.
in order to accommodate a 10 p.m. check-out, we would need to remove the suite from our calendar for an additional night as we would not be able to book the suite.

A $50 fee will be applied against the damage deposit on file for each set of keys not returned upon check-out.

• All extensions are subject to availability. Guests do not have an automatic right to extend a booking. Extensions must be approved and are at the discretion of the Provider/Host.
• All Extension requests must be made in writing in advance of the expiration date of the contract. The accommodation charge for an extension must be negotiated at the time. Apartments cannot be held for future dates without payment in full.
• The cost for an extension or for any future stay is payable in advance in full. Guests who wish to extend and who have been approved for an extension must submit an online reservation.

• Guest shall not attempt to assign license to others unless otherwise agreed by Provider/Host.
• The premises shall not be occupied or left in the care of anyone not listed herein, including overnight Guest’s.

• Any change in occupancy (changes in persons or additional persons) without authorization from Provider/Host will be considered a default of the Contract.
• This action may result in immediate contract termination and loss of the damage deposit.

• The Premises shall be delivered in clean condition, furnished as shown to Guest.
• Guests shall keep the Premises and all appliances, equipment and furniture clean and in good repair.
• Guests shall return the Premises at the end of the Occupancy agreement Term in the same condition as received, subject only to reasonable wear and tear.
• Guest agrees to make no alterations to the Premises, including but not limited to the moving or removal to storage any of Provider/Host’s furnishings, without Provider/Host’s express written consent.
• If Guest is unable to examine the Premises prior to the commencement date or prior to booking the Premises, Guest accepts the premises as is.

• The Premises shall be delivered fully furnished.
• Guests are not permitted to remove, move or add furniture to the Premises.
• Host cannot/will not remove any decorative accessories (e.g. paintings, prints, mirrors), supplies or furniture that is included in the apartment (for example TV, hangers, etc.).
• Only Guest’s small personal belongings (e.g. clothing/computer/books) may be moved into the rented Premises.

Cooking Appliances: Guests may not add kitchen or cooking appliances to the premises (e.g. microwave, table top cook stove, coffee maker, toaster or toaster oven, etc.) Cooking is not permitted in suites without a kitchen.

Provider/Host shall be responsible for necessary repairs, except when a repair is required as a result of fault or abuse by Guest. In such a case of Guest’s fault or abuse requiring repair to the Premises, such repair shall be paid for by Guest. Guest shall immediately notify Provider/Host or Provider/Host’s agent of any condition requiring repair. No repair or alteration shall be made without the express authorization of the Provider/Host. If, through no fault or negligence of the Guest, the Premises are damaged by fire or any other unavoidable casualty, repairs shall be made by the Provider/Host as quickly as reasonably possible. In the event that damage shall be so extensive as to render the Premises uninhabitable, the Charges shall be apportioned and paid up to date of such destruction and any overpayments shall be refunded to the Guest and at such time this Occupancy agreements shall terminate.

Provider/Host shall not be responsible for (a) any injury, loss or damage to Guest contents or (b) any injury, loss or damage for which Guest is liable or (c) any injury loss or damage which is suffered by Guest, Guest’s, employees, invitees, etc., unless caused by Provider/Host's gross negligence. Provider/Host shall not be liable for injury or damage to Guest or any person who uses or is in the Premises, nor shall Provider/Host be liable for damage to any such person’s property unless the same results from Provider/Host's gross negligence. Guest is responsible for all acts of Guest's family, employees and persons Guest invites onto the Premises. Guest hereby indemnifies and holds Provider/Host harmless, to the extent permissible by law, including reasonable attorney’s fees, from and against any liability, damage, expense, judgment, claim or other loss arising from Guest’s use and occupancy of the Premises, unless caused by Provider/Host's gross negligence. The Guest must immediately notify the Provider/Host of any damages.

Guest agrees to be responsible for insuring his/her personal property, and the Provider/Host shall not be responsible for the Guest's personal property.


A. Provider/Host may give forty-eight (48) hours written notice to Guest to correct any of the following defaults:
• Failure to pay charges or fees or damage deposit on time.
• Improper assignment of the Occupancy, subletting all or part of the Premises, or any violation of Paragraph 1 hereof.
• Improper conduct by Guest or Guest’s invitees of the Premises.
• Failure to fully perform any term in the Occupancy Agreement.
• Occupancy change (change of individuals or additional individuals).

B. If Guest fails to correct the defaults as outlined above within forty-eight (48) hours of the notice stated above, Host may cancel the Occupancy agreement by giving Guest a written three (3) day notice stating the date this Occupancy Agreement will end. On that date this Occupancy Agreement and Guest’s rights in this Occupancy Agreement shall automatically end and Guest must vacate the Premises and return the keys to Provider/Host. Thereafter Guest shall be responsible for any charges, expenses, damages and losses due as of date of termination, together with the reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by Provider/Host arising out of or in connection with Guest’s breach or default under this Occupancy agreement. If Provider/Host is required to bring any action or proceeding to enforce the terms of this occupancy agreement and/or to recover for any of Guest’s defaults, Provider/Host shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees from Guest.

Within 24 hours after taking possession of the Premises, the Guest shall notify the Provider/Host of any malfunction in equipment, breakage, or damage that existed at the commencement of the term of the occupancy agreement.

• The premises are fully furnished.
• The Provider/Host shall provide an inventory of the property therein.
• Any complaint or issue regarding the inventory (sheets, pots, pans etc.) must be raised within 24 hours of taking occupancy.
• No furniture or appliances are permitted to be moved in. Only personal articles such as clothing may be moved into the house.

During reasonable hours, and within 24-hour notice to the Guest or fewer hours if Guest agrees, the Provider/Host or his agent shall have the right to enter the premises for the purpose of inspection or repair.

The Provider/Host or his agent shall have the right to enter the premises to personally manage inspections or showings of the Premises for rent or sale at reasonable daytime hours, including weekends, by prior appointment with twenty four (24) hours advance notice to Guest or fewer hours if Guest agrees.

This Agreement may not be modified except by a writing duly executed by all parties herein.

SEVERABILITY: A determination that any provision or provisions of this Agreement is unenforceable or invalid shall not affect the enforceability or validity of any remaining provisions of this Agreement.

The Guest Agrees
1. to pay the Host in accordance with the provisions of the accommodation charges together with any other fees, taxes and charges specified in the Booking Agreement or which are otherwise notified to the Guest by the Host;
2. not to occupy the Accommodation other than as personal accommodation for holiday or short-term occupation;
3. that the maximum number of people occupying the Accommodation will be the number of guests stated in the Booking Agreement and that the Host has the right to refuse entry on check-in if there are more than the specified number of guests and that in this situation it will be a deemed cancellation by the Guest and the Host’s Applicable Cancellation Policy shall apply;
4. not to do or permit anything to be done which may be a nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to, or be abusive or discriminatory to the Host or any owner or occupier of neighboring property;
5. not to cause or permit any damage to the Accommodation (other than reasonable wear and tear);
6. that they will observe any House Rules specified in the Accommodation Listing and/or notified to the Guest before or on arrival at the Accommodation;
7. that they will read and follow any instructions provided by the Host;
8. not to conduct any illegal or immoral activity at the Accommodation (including the taking of illegal drugs);
9. to leave the Accommodation and any of the Host’s personal property at the Accommodation clean and tidy at the end of the stay and in the condition it was in when they arrived;
10. that they are responsible for their own acts and omissions and are also responsible for the acts and omissions of any individuals whom the Guest invites to, or otherwise provides access to, the Accommodation, excluding the Host (and the individuals the Host invites to the Accommodation, if applicable);
11. that they will not bring any pets into the Accommodation;
12. not to access cupboards, drawers or rooms which have been sealed or locked;
13. not to move furniture;
14. that the Host is entitled to visit the Accommodation on prior notice (except in case of emergency) and to permit the Host (or an agent of the Host) access.

Guests agree with the Host:
a. to leave the Accommodation no later than the check-out time that the Host specifies in the Listing or such other time as mutually agreed upon between you and the Host;
b. that if they stay past the agreed check-out time without the Host's consent, they no longer have a license to stay in the Accommodation and the Host is entitled to make the Guest leave in a manner consistent with applicable law;
c. to pay to the Host on demand an overstay fee (as defined below) for the period from and including the check-out time until the Guest checks out of the Accommodation; and
d. that the Host may deduct such overstay fee from the Guest’s payment card and or damage deposit.
The “overstay fee” is calculated at a daily rate for each 24 hour period starting at the check-out time and is the total sum of the following:
a. an amount equivalent to two times the average nightly accommodation charges for the booking; plus
b. any reasonable ancillary costs for example payment charges that are incurred by the Host in taking payment; plus
c. legal expenses incurred as a result of the Guest overstaying.
15. Guests shall use the apartments or suites for residential/living purposes only (WFH exception).
16. Guests may work from home (home office use only) provided that no employees or clients visit the apartment.
17. Guests are prohibited from running a business, manufacturing, selling goods or products (inventory) from the apartment or using the rented premises as an art studio to paint or to create artwork from. 18.Commercial photography, filming or blogging not permitted.

Applicable for Extended stays beyond 30 days.
Prompt payment of accommodation charges on the first day of each month is a substantial obligation of guests under this agreement.
In the event that the accommodation charged specified herein is not received by Host on or before the 5th day of the month in which it becomes due, Owner shall be entitled to and shall receive from you, an additional sum of $50 in order to compensate the Owner for the additional costs incurred in the processing and or collection of such late payment and/or in meeting Owner's obligations, exclusive of legal fees or other costs.
In addition to the late charges assessed herein, Lessee shall pay $25.00 for each check that is returned by the bank for any reason.
All late charges and returned check charges shall be considered an additional charge.
Additionally, late fees shall also be considered liquidated damages for Owner's time, inconvenience, and overhead in collecting late accommodation charges.
Host reserves the right to refuse payment of late payment, late charges, and returned- check charges, after Host serves lessee with a demand for accommodation charges and possession.
This will be retroactive to the first of the month for each day the payment has not been received.
Guests agree to pay interest of 10% per annum on any unpaid balance until such balance is paid in full.
In the event a collection agency becomes necessary to collect any amount due, Guest agrees to pay said commission. See below.

Application of payments
Money paid by Guest to Host shall be applied to Guest's account in the following order:
First, to outstanding late charges and returned-check charges;
second to outstanding legal fees and/or costs legally chargeable to Guest; third, to any outstanding accommodation charges.

Provider/Host and Guest agree that this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. Parties agree that any actions brought against each other or arising out of this agreement are the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts of New York County, New York. The parties waive any other venue to which either party might be entitled by domicile or otherwise.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER – refunds; payment for a room will be refunded only under the following conditions: substantial unusability such as floods, fires and major infestation. Refunds not available for occurrences common to any major metropolitan townhouse/building structure, such as: external noise, small leaks, faint smells, sighting of a mouse or insect, faucet drips, regional or city-wide blackouts, water main breaks or internet outages, etc. which are out of our control. If such outages occur, we will do our best to have service restored but please know that outage repairs are not in our control and often take time to restore.

GOVERNMENT ACTIONS: Provider/Host shall not be held responsible for relocating Guest for any and all actions taken by federal, state or city agencies or authorities (e.g. Right of Eminent Domain, condemnation, zoning, building or fire department enforcement rulings or changes). Any prepaid monies paid by Guests will be refunded in full.

IN-OPERABILITY: Provider/Host shall not be held responsible for relocating Guest due to inability to operate for any and all hazards and damages (e.g. Fire, flood, smoke or other damages caused by natural disasters).

-There are no mailboxes provided on premises.
-Except for guests who are considered to be permanent residents, Guests should not receive regular mail at the house.
-In that we do not have a front desk, doorman or concierge, Guests should limit the # of packages received.
-Packages should be addressed c/o Host Name.
-We ask that guests not sign up for catalogues, memberships or any type of list where you will be sent mail on an ongoing basis after you leave.
-For guests who are permanent residents and who have been receiving mail at the house, it is important that you submit a formal change of address form with the post office as soon as you have vacated the premises.
-Packages can only be delivered when the host is on premises to accept a package.
-UPS/FedEx drivers do not have access to the house.
The Host is not responsible for missed packages.
-If the host is present in the building, host will accept a package on behalf of a guest.
-Received packages will be left in the interior entry foyer area.
-If the Guest plans to receive frequent package deliveries, we suggest that Guest rent a mailbox (UPS store on 2nd Avenue and 62nd Street). There is also an Amazon Hub Locker at Chase Manhattan Branch on 60th between Lexington and Park Avenue - 770 Lexington Ave, at Chase Bank, New York NY 10065-8165 Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 18:00. Sat: 10:00 - 15:00
-Missed Deliveries:
If a guest has received a missed delivery notice, guests should follow the instructions included on the notice. Missed UPS Packages could be re-delivered next day, sent back to the sender or sent to the 2nd Avenue UPS store or other collection store in the area.

-Cable TV is not provided. We include a ROKU device on all TVs for streaming Guest's favorite channels or programming.
-No parties, events or gatherings may be held in any of the suites, apartments or outdoor spaces.
-Quiet Hours 9 p.m. to 11 a.m.
-No Candles or Open Flames of Any Kind.
-Fireplaces are decorative/not useable

Security Cameras Policy
Security camera located in the the public areas of the building and the exterior of the building. Content may be analyzed for trust and safety purposes, customer service, compliance or other related purposes. At 1871 House, the safety and security of our guests are paramount. We want to ensure that our guests can relax and enjoy their stay with peace of mind. To achieve this, we have implemented comprehensive security camera measures, and we prioritize both your privacy and safety.
1. Comprehensive Camera Coverage:
We have strategically placed security cameras in various common area locations within the building and its exterior, including entry halls and stairs. These cameras are designed to enhance the overall safety and security of our occupants.
2. Daily Activity Review:
We conduct a daily review of the camera footage to monitor activity within the building. This practice allows us to promptly address any concerns, ensure compliance with our policies, and prioritize the well-being of our guests.
3. Privacy Within Private Dwelling Units:
We respect the privacy of our guests within their private dwelling units. Therefore, we do not have any cameras installed inside these units. You can rest assured that your privacy and personal space are protected during your stay.
4. Data Retention and Access Control:
Our security camera footage is retained for a limited duration and is accessible only to authorized personnel. We follow strict access control measures to ensure your information remains private.
5. Consent and Notification:
By making a reservation with us, guests acknowledge and consent to being filmed by our security cameras in the common areas of the building and its exterior. This consent is obtained during the booking process, and we respect your right to privacy.
6. Emergency Situations:
Please note that in rare cases of emergencies or when required by law enforcement, the security camera footage may be accessed to ensure the safety of our guests and property.
7. Regular Policy Review:
Our security camera policy is regularly reviewed and updated to adapt to changing circumstances and technology. We are committed to maintaining guest security and privacy.
8. Contact Information:
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our security camera policy, please feel free to contact us.
9. Compliance with Local Laws:
Our security camera policy complies with all local and state laws and regulations regarding surveillance and privacy.

We want to ensure that your stay at 1871 House is not only comfortable but also secure. Your safety and privacy are our top priorities, and we are committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement represents the entire agreement and understanding between the Provider/Host and the Guest. Any modification, alteration or addition to this agreement shall be in writing and signed by both parties.

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