Barefoot Beach Belize Resort

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Cancellation, Deposit & Booking Policies

PAYMENT/DEPOSIT: At the time of your reservation request we will send you an invoice via PayPal. If your booking is under US$500 you must pay in full to receive a confirmation email. If over US$500 a deposit of US$500 will be billed to confirm the booking or 50% of the stay whichever is greater. For long term bookings of 2 weeks or more please call or email for instructions and policies. (If booking within 24 hours of arrival we will charge your credit card.)

We collect your credit card information although we bill via PayPal for security, longer bookings, no shows and timely payments. *IF THE PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 48 HOURS via PayPal, YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE DEPOSIT OR STAY ALONG WITH A SURCHARGE OF US$15.

PARTIAL OR FULL CANCELLATION/CHANGES: If cancelling 45 days prior to your stay you will be charged a one night Admin fee Incl. PayPal costs (up to 6 nights) and 2 night charge for 7 nights to 2 weeks)

If cancelling within 45 days of your stay you are liable for the full stay. We will try to rent your room to give you partial credit. You are still subject to lose all fees and an Admin fee of one night for stays up to 6 nights and 2 nights admin fee for 7 nights to 2 weeks.

* If there is an "OFFICIAL" Tropical Storm or Hurricane evacuation you will receive a full refund of nights not used, less any bank fees. Otherwise your reservation is subject to our standard cancellation policy.

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DISCLAIMER: We are in the Tropics on an island in the middle of the ocean in a 3rd World Country. It is gorgeous and dreamy, BUT we do get occasional storms, sand flies, mosquitoes, seaweed, geckos,bugs, sand and salt spray and electrical surges or outages. We spray regularly for critters and keep everything well maintained. We are still in a humid salty environment so perfection is impossible and Home Depot is not around the corner. We fix any issues as fast as possible. It is a working island so there will be occasional work noises that we can not control. These will not be considered as reasons for refunds. We highly recommend TRIP INSURANCE.
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