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Cancellation, Deposit & Booking Policies

All reservations must be secured by credit card and or personal check/money order within 7 days of your reservation. The remaining balance must be paid in either cash or check (personal, business, travelers).

All condos have minimum stay requirements throughout the year. Rooms at the resort will also have minimum stay requirements through the summer and Thanksgiving time frame. If your reservation does not meet the minimum stay requirements you will be contacted by the staff and advised. Room cancellation policy is as follows: 21 days or more - Full refund of your deposit minus $40 for processing. 20 days or less - Your deposit will be subject to forfeiture. Only select rooms (rooms 110, 111, 112, and 114) are pets allowed in. All other rooms are pets excluded. Additional guests are allowed at a rate of $5 per person for rooms at the resort and $10 at the condos. Children 5 and under stay free.

Same requirements apply to the condominiums with the exception of cancellation. 21 days and before cancellations will have a 10% of the total reservation penalty applied. Less than 21 days is subject to forfeiture. ALL condo reservations have a one time $75 cleaning charge.

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