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PLAB 2 Full Course
Recommended. Full PLAB 2 course includes one Mock test. You get £100 discount if you pay the fees in full on arrival. You can also get a cashback of £250 if you accept a job offer from Inpatria. You can potentially reduce the total cost of the course to £250 You can pay the fees in full after start working.
Cheapest FULL PLAB 2 Course
You need to make the payment upfront on arrival to get this discounted price. You are also entitled for £250 cashback when you accept a job offer from INPATRIA
PLAB 2, Two Weekend Course With Mock Test
This covers 75% of 10 days course. Ideal for those who have limited time. If you do not want to take mock test, £40 will be deducted. (2 weekend course without mock test is £475.00) You will be eligible for £250 cash back on accepting the job offer from Inpatria.
You can attend the full PLAB 2 Course for FREE, if you have already taken any PLAB Course and have not been successful in the exam. You need to provide us evidence for this.
Full Sponsorship
PLAB 2 Sponsorship Includes full PLAB 2 course and unlimited accommodation in standard shared room. You will pay £50 registration fees, £200 on arrival and £1500 after securing job. You can get a cash back of £500 if you accept a job offer from Inpatria. This will reduce the total cost of full sponsorship to £1250.00 This booking system will show additional accommodation charges. Please ignore the accommodation cost. You will pay the fixed fees
3 Week Stay and Study Course
Please select your arrival and departure date (minimum of 21 days of stay to qualify for the discount of £65). This course includes 11 days course and mock test You can get £100 discount if you pay the full fees on arrival. You can pay the fees after you get the job. You can also get a cashback of £250 on accepting a job offer of Inpatria.
PLAB 1 Course

OET Course (Occupational English Test)
4 Weeks course and 5 mock tests. This course covers all aspects of OET test and it is delivered by experienced English teachers and doctors.
OET Mock Tests x 4
Set of 4 mock tests of Occupational English Test. Mock tests are conducted every Saturday. One mock test per week. Please emal us if you wish to take only one mock test.
F1 Clinical Assessment Course

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