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PLAB 2 Full Course (New Format)
Recommended. Full PLAB 2 course includes one Mock test. You get £100 discount if you pay the fees in full on arrival. You can also get a cashback of £250 if you accept a job offer from Inpatria. You can potentially reduce the total cost of the course to £250 You can pay the fees in full after start working.
Cheapest FULL PLAB 2 Course
You need to make the payment upfront on arrival to get this discounted price. You are also entitled for £250 cashback when you accept a job offer from INPATRIA
PLAB 2, Two Weekend Course With Mock Test
This covers 75% of 10 days course. Ideal for those who have limited time. If you do not want to take mock test, £40 will be deducted. (2 weekend course without mock test is £475.00) You will be eligible for £250 cash back on accepting the job offer from Inpatria.
You can attend the full PLAB 2 Course for FREE, if you have already taken any PLAB Course and have not been successful in the exam. You need to provide us evidence for this.
Full Sponsorship
PLAB 2 Sponsorship Includes full PLAB 2 course and unlimited accommodation in standard shared room. You will pay £50 registration fees, £200 on arrival and £1500 after securing job. You can get a cash back of £500 if you accept a job offer from Inpatria. This will reduce the total cost of full sponsorship to £1250.00 This booking system will show additional accommodation charges. Please ignore the accommodation cost. You will pay the fixed fees
3 Week Stay and Study Course
Please select your arrival and departure date (minimum of 21 days of stay to qualify for the discount of £65). This course includes 11 days course and mock test You can get £100 discount if you pay the full fees on arrival. You can pay the fees after you get the job. You can also get a cashback of £250 on accepting a job offer of Inpatria.
PLAB 1 Course

F1 Clinical Assessment Course

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