How it Works

Availability Online is easy!

Our service was designed to be quickly and easily managed by even the novice computer user. There are no downloads. No complicated 10-pound user guide. No need to be fluent in the language of High-Tech. And, if you do have a question or need assistance our staff is always eager to help. We offer FREE unlimited technical support!

Step #1:

Guests view your availability on your website. Choose from several booking engine display options that best fit's your property.

Step #2:

Guests submit their reservation. Choose from our different reservation form types.

Choose How You Want To Show Your Availability

We offer several different display options to show your availability on your website. Availability Online was developed with small to mid-size lodging properties in mind and is perfect for B&Bs, Farm Stays, Inns, Vacation Rentals and Motels. You can choose to show one or multiple displays on your site.
Not sure which display would be right for your business? No problem, contact us and we can help.

See Our Display Options

Choose How You Want To Take Reservations

We offer two types of reservation forms:

1: Confirmed Reservation Form: Your guests receive an auto reply email that contains a copy of their reservation information with a confirmation number and assumes their reservation is final.
2: Reservation Request Form: Your guests receive an auto reply email that contains a copy of their reservation information. Your guests will await to hear from you for final confirmation.

  • Both reservation form options securely collect your guest's credit card information (if you choose). You would process your guest's payment using your normal processing method.
  • When guests submit a reservation you are instantly notified by email (Premium subscribers can also choose to be notified by Text Message).
  • There are no additional fees or commissions charged to you for any reservation.

Show Your Rates and Minimum Night Stay Requirements

Choose to show your guests room rates. In addition, Availability Online can give your guests a reservation total. This total can include tax and misc. charges if you wish. Your minimum night stay requirements can also be enforced when your guests book a room.

Updating Your Availability Is Easy

Adding your vacancy information to your availability calendar is as simple as a click of your mouse. Once you login to your personal Administration Center, place a check mark in the Update Grid for each Room and Date that should appear 'booked' in your booking engine. If you use a compatible Desktop Reservation Software system, your vacancy information can be automatically updated.

Adding the Availability Online Booking Engine to your Website

After you sign up for Availability Online, our staff will create (and Customize for Free if you'd like!) your account. We will contact you by email, usually within the same business day, with the information your web designer needs to easily add Availability Online to your website. 


Making Changes in your Availability Online Booking Engine Account

We always set up and visually customize your account at no extra charge when you sign up for Availability Online. We will set up your Availability Online pages so they match the visual aspects of your website.

Your personal Administration Center allows you to easily change settings in your booking engine.  Here is just a small list of items you are able to edit within your account:

  • Easily edit the colors and appearance of your booking engine. 
  • Add nightly rates and min. night stay requirements.
  • Add taxes and special fees to your account that will be included in the reservation form process
  • Add custom questions to your booking form. ie: 'Do you have dietary restrictions?' or 'How did you hear about us?'.
  • Add, edit or delete rooms from your account
  • Show events or special happenings in your area on your availability calendar
  • Seasonally change your no-vacancy graphics.  There are over 50 no-vacancy graphics to choose from
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