iCal Feeds

Export your availability to any site who accepts iCal or .ics feeds.

Export your availability to 3rd party websites (including those below and more!) with iCal export feeds!

TripAdvisor TripConnect

AvailabilityOnline offers an iCal feed which will allow you to share availability information from AvailabilityOnline with 3rd party websites such as AirBnB, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, VRBO and all HomeAway sites, FlipKey, Glamping Hub, Pitchup.com and more.

This new iCal Feed feature could save you time as you will only need to maintain availability in one location.

Your Availability Online iCal Feed will work with sites who accept .ics/iCal formats.

This feature only Exports availability information to other sites. We do not Import availability at this time.

Here's how it works:

Using the new iCal Feed tool in your AvailabilityOnline Administration Center, generate an iCal URL(s) for each room/unit you choose.
You would then paste that URL into the appropriate location in the 3rd party website. This allows the 3rd party site to sync the availability information from AvailabilityOnline into the calendar showing in your 3rd party site listing.

**Availability from iCal feeds is not synced in real time.
**Typically 3rd party booking sites sync iCal feeds about every 30 minutes.
**Booking.com allows ical syncs only for properties with 20 rooms or less AND does not use XML connectivity services like property management systems (PMS) or channel managers.

For more information and to start using the iCal Feed:

  • Login to your Availability Online Administration Center
  • Click Booking Site Interfaces > iCal Feed Connections
  • Follow the instructions given on the page

* The iCal Feed feature is only available to Premium subscribers. Availability Online does not offer technical support for Booking.com, Expedia or any 3rd party booking site.