For Lodging Associations, Groups and Chambers of Commerce

Availability Online is designed to accommodate the needs of all lodging association sizes and requirements! Ideal for chambers of commerce and associations looking for availability display and online reservations.

Below are answers to some basic questions regarding our Consolidated Group Availability Calendars & Online Reservations. For more information please contact us at info@availabilityonline or (888) 487-1456.

Consolidated Group Calendar Examples.

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What will the Consolidated Group Calendar cost my association?

Our Consolidated Group Availability Calendar is FREE. There is no cost of any kind to the association. Lodging members of your association do need to to subscribe to Availability Online to be included on the group's consolidated calendar.

To view what features are included in the innkeeper's portion of the service see our Availability Online Features Chart.

The cost to the innkeeper would be determined by the number of subscribers within your group. Please contact us for pricing. The annual cost can be passed on directly to the innkeeper-- innkeeper gets billed. Or, your association can include their Availability Online service within the annual dues/membership packages in which the association gets billed.

How does the Group Calendar work?

The Consolidated Group Calendar is updated automatically each time an innkeeper updates his/her individual account. The availability calendar sits on our servers so there is nothing to download. A simple link would be placed on your association's website for potential guests to view.

Any reservations requested from the consolidated group calendar are sent directly to the property owner.

Examples of some groups currently Using Availability Online:

What if an Inn does not have a website?

The innkeeper who does not have a website can still use Availability Online and participate with the Group Calendar. An individual account would be created for them in which they can login to their personal administration center and update their availability (which updates the consolidated group calendar). The link to their personal calendar could be placed within their association listing and/or can be placed on any participating lodging directory they'd like:,,, etc.

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